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January 10, 2013


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Thursday is yoga day, I love yoga but today I am so sore from back and biceps and the fifty thousand chin ups it involves that it was less Zen and more, well, just painful. The 90 min Yoga workout was reduced by at least a third as I skipped past all the exercises that involved tying two or more limbs together. The hour I did was quite pleasant though, particularly the relaxation (I nearly dozed off) and the ‘OMMMM’s at the end.
Thursday is also a karate day so I am just back from an hour of training, more technical than sweaty which I was grateful for, but the 20 burpee penalty for being late (sodding temporary traffic lights – 4 sets!!!!) got the heart rate up a treat.


Did a double

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Back and biceps today… More chin ups, then tonight it was back to karate after the Christmas break. Got thrown on the floor a few times, then home for a long soak!

January 8, 2013

The Mother of all workouts

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Thats what they call Plyo X, and I believe them. I really didn’t want to work out this evening, but 1. Its Janathon, 2. I am doing P90X and 3. G got home and put on his shorts and got ready to train. After 20 years you learn things about people. For example if I say I don’t want any dinner, G cooks for me anyway because he knows as soon as its ready I will decide I want dinner after all. If I say I am not working out, he knows that if he says ok and gets on with it I will have to join in because I can’t stand the idea that I am missing out. So, driven by guilt rather than determination, I did my Plyo. Now its over, I am really glad I did.

January 7, 2013

3 workouts and a haircut

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Everything went back to normal today. Back to school and work, so once I had dealt with the aftermath of the breakfast bomb I headed to the gym for a 45 minute spin class. I haven’t made it to spin since the end of November and I felt it! This afternoon I decided it was time to get my hair cut. I never make appointments for haircuts as I like going to the hairdresser about as much as I do the dentists. Anyway, the one I’ve been using for the last few months was shut. A sensible person would wait until a they are open, but then a sensible person would probably have made an appointment. So I thought I would give the one around the corner a try. I told the guy what I wanted and watched in horrified silence as he did something completely different, then said ‘thank you very much’ and paid for it thinking ‘ahh well give it 6 months and it will grow back’ AAARRRGGGHHH!!!
By the time I got home, I was well up for some P90X chest shoulders and triceps…. About a million push ups in various positions, interspersed with tricep and shoulder weight bearing exercises. Then finished off with ab ripper X, no description needed. Training wise, a great day. Haircut wise – with the help of some wax and straighteners I’ll learn to lIve with it… If I can’t there’s always a wig…

January 6, 2013


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Lovely Sunday stretch for me today, some yoga-ish stuff but no tying myself in knots… Perfect end to one week and all set up for the next.

January 5, 2013

Pure cardio

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I meant to get my workout in early this morning, trouble was I didn’t get up early enough. I had a load of errands to run so it ended up getting pushed back until this evening. The kids both had friends over, obviously I couldn’t traumatise them with the sight of me in Lycra, bright red and sweaty, so they all had to be put on room arrest for an hour. After a week of weights and Yoga I felt the need for some cardio. Sounds dedicated doesn’t it?… Well it wasn’t quite like that. Today’s scheduled workout was Kenpo X which is a bit like body combat or boxercise but I fancied a change so I swapped in Pure Cardio from the Insanity program. I realised my mistake about 5 minutes in, Pure Cardio is like a 30 minute sprint. You do a series of intense exercises (well, I think they are intense) for 1 minute each, no stops. I can feel my legs stiffening up as I type. Looking forward to something nice and stretchy tomorrow.

More chin ups!!

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Legs and back and the aptly named ‘ab ripper’ today, lots more chin ups, lunges, and squats. Lovely.

January 3, 2013


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I love Thursdays because Thursday is Yoga day. An hour and a half of twisting and cracking myself into positions that really shouldn’t be (and for me many aren’t) possible. But by the end of it I am an oasis of calm…. Ommmmmmm!

January 2, 2013

Too many chin ups!

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Back and biceps today. This lasts for about an hour and consists of 20 exercises, 6 of which are variations of chin ups. I am crap at chin ups, so I have to do assisted versions at the moment but I hate being crap at things so now I really want to be able to do them unassisted, even if its just one. There are some called ‘corn cobs’ where you have to yourself up, then move over to your left hand, then to your right, back to the middle, lean back then lower yourself down. They are clearly the product of a cruel and sadistic mind. I managed 3, assisted so there’s quite a lot of room for improvement there. 

January 1, 2013

Happy new Janathon!

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It’s a different kind of Janathon for me… Last summer, I realised to my horror that I had put on 30lbs over the last 4 years. I knew I had, but I had a sudden reality attack. In a fit of desperation I ordered the Insanity program from beach body ( you must have seen the infomercials). 60 days of intense cardio and a nutrition plan as well. 2 months and lots of swearing and sweating later I had dropped 35 lbs and was fitter but still a bit flabby, so in December I started another beach body program P90x, which combines cardio, strength training and yoga, so my blogs will mostly be about that. Yesterday was the start of phase 2 of the program, second month. Today was Plyometrics which is an hour of jumps and explosive exercises. I burned 683 cals and was very glad I drew the ‘designated driver’ card last night as I would have been a husk if I’d had to do that with a hangover.

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